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I finished the week before last and have been looking forward to writing a blog post about it but haven’t had the time until now. I’ve redesigned the Flood Theatre web site. It’s now more easily expandable, more responsive, and it looks nicer too!

Flood Theatre

I’ve kept the blue textured style from the old site, but have made it darker and more sullen. This sits in contrast to violently orange elements scattered across the page. As I worked on the design, it seemed increasingly appropriate to switch from black, blue and hot pink to dark blue and bright orange. It felt like it was simultaneously more murky, heavier in contrast and simpler in execution.

One of the main issues with the old site was that I hadn’t really designed it with the addition of new content in mind. It was what it was, and we just needed something indicative of the company in time for our first public show. But as we began to make plans for this year, it became clear that we needed to be able to do a lot more with it. So the horizontal scrolling style was abandoned and replaced with a vertically scrolling arrangement that makes it much easier to just slip in new content. I also got rid of the one page set-up in favour of a bigger site. The single-page design was appropriate at the time, but as we have become more ambitious, this no longer feels like the correct approach.

As things currently stand, it will be relatively simple to integrate with a content management system like WordPress, and that is most likely the next step for the site. Social media is going to be important in promoting the company, so it is vital that the site is responsive as possible.

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