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Nanogrid now allows you to connect to NS2 games straight from your browser!

satellites in Every Home

Still not used to writing my thoughts down every week.

And honestly not much has happened that I can write about. We playtested ns2_refining a lot last week, so it’s really coming together. Can’t wait to show it off.


Yeah, so I said I’d post every week two weeks ago. And then I didn’t. Blah blah blah.

But I felt like writing something today because in some ways it’s quite an important date for me. Ten years ago today I joined the Natural Selection forums. In that time a lot has changed and the truth is that I owe much of it to being a part of that community.

When I joined the NS community I was interested in art, and in making games, but I’d never really found anything to focus on. But I was so inspired by what Charlie Cleveland and his team were doing with NS that I felt like I wanted to be a part of it, and found myself amongst a group of people that helped to push me forward as a designer, many of whom I still consider friends. NS made it clear to me how interested I was in level design, which definitely pushed me towards Architecture. When that fell through (although not without learning a great deal in the process), there was still that passion for making games to come back to, and I soon realised that it was always what I really wanted to do.

Ten years later and I’ve been working on the sequel to NS for two and a half years. As a happy coincidence I’ll be working full-time on NS2 for the next month, starting tomorrow. For various reasons I can usually only work on the game part-time, but I am really looking forward to making it my highest priority for a little while.

And that’s great because I feel like Natural Selection has given me so much over the last ten years that it’s a privilege to be able to put something of myself back into it. With the game in a transitional, incomplete beta format at the moment, it’s easy for some people to lose faith in it; and I do understand why. But the truth is that there hasn’t been a single moment while I’ve been working on NS2 when I’ve thought we wouldn’t release something fantastic. The biggest reason for that is that I’ve been lucky enough to see the intelligence, creativity and passion that’s being put into the game, every day, for the last two and a half years.

Seeing that has given me complete confidence in NS2, and I’m sure the players will agree with me when we release this summer. It has been, and will continue to be, a blast.

I promise to write something less self-indulgent next week.

so build that wall and build it strong

I’ve made a resolution – it can be too hard to write something on this blog once a week, right? If I do that, I might even keep my portfolio up to date as well. So I’m going to try to do both of those things, starting this week. I have a project I’ve been working on that I’m going to post here as soon as it’s ready, probably tonight or tomorrow.

more inspiration

I enjoy abstract photography, and I enjoy geometric shapes. Here’s something that has both.

Flavio Samelo


Damn, but this has been a busy month.

I’ve got a whole bunch of web projects that I’m finishing up right now. I’m currently working on something related to my last web design work, Nuglass, that should be close to final by the end of the week.

Last night Flood Theatre tested a whole bunch of new material at show we put on at East 15 drama school. It went down pretty well, all things considering. Some material bombed, some of it soared. That’s what these nights are for, anyway, and the feedback so far has been positive. Here’s the poster I whipped up for it:

Natural Selection 2 is going from strength to strength and it’s a fantastic experience to be able to work alongside such a talented and inspired team – even though I’m thousands of miles away from most of them. I can’t wait to be able to show off what I’ve been working on, and hopefully that won’t be too long now.

I finally upgraded to a whole new PC. In the interests of learning something new, as well as keeping costs down and getting exactly what I want, I ordered all the individual components and put it together myself. That went much more smoothly than it had any right to, and I’m really enjoying being able to play modern games. Given that the last PC I bought was in 2005, the upgrade was considerable even though I didn’t spend all that much.

A few puzzle pieces are falling into place now, and now that I’m close to completing a few outstanding projects, I’m looking forward to moving on and trying a few design projects outside my comfort zone. No idea what that will be yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

some inspiration

Evgenij Soloviev

lonely, architectural, contemplative.


The artwork I mentioned before:

on a certain square, down the dirty stairs…

Okay, so this blog is, to all intents and purposes, set up!  There are probably issues somewhere… if you see one, please leave a comment.

This was my first WordPress integration, and I have to say it went really smoothly.  This is in no small part thanks to NETTUTS+.  An excellently concise tutorial, that explained enough about what the student was actually doing that I was able to do something fairly different from their own example.

Since this is the first post and all, I should probably include some content.  Here’s a little preview of something I’ve been working on lately:

preview image

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